Hosting Athletic Events for schools? Here’s what you need to know

The familiar scents of freshly cut grass itching the nostrils, the lights come up and you charge onto the field. The crowds roar as the teams assemble at the 50-yard line.
The coin.
A flip.
And the guest team punts the ball deep into your territory. The ball bounces to a stop. You scoop it up and charge down the field. Cheerleaders pump the crowd with inspiration. Teachers, friends, family, and neighbors stand up and shout for joy.

Charging forward the field lines blur by like a white picket fence.
Lights flicker outside your field of view.
Coaches and teammates are yelling.
You have one goal, one mission.
"Just a few more yards!"
Bam! You're airborne.
Time comes to a stop.
A second.
A minute.
Several minutes?

Gripping onto the ball against your abdomen with all your strength, you roll to the ground. “Where am I?” you question. The crowd screams. Cheerleaders jump and pompoms fly. The ball, tightly in your grasp, is over the opponents' goal line. “TOUCHDOWN!”

While all eyes were upon the field, everyone forgot about the efforts behind the scenes. Nobody at the game that night knew of the work of the coaches, athletic directors, and school administrators that brought the game together. It takes hours of planning and some great ideas to make school games a success.

This is where k12 event ticketing software can help you make a solid game plan by gathering all your event management processes and putting them into a single interface. Just follow these steps to understand how you can optimize the power of event management software in your K12 event.

Create a game plan

You wouldn’t enter the field without a game plan, so why would you do the same for your event planning strategy? Planning is an important part of your event management journey as it gives you the power to effectively implement and communicate your ideas.

With Yapsody’s event setup wizard, you can create an event within minutes. Have an arena with 3,000 seats and an auditorium with 50 seats? You configure separate seating arrangements that compliment your venue and even customize your ticket design to suit your school’s style. Unlock additional power with our virtual box office features.

Get real-time stats

Now that your seating arrangements are resolved, you can turn your attention to sales and turnaround rates. With our inbuilt Yapstats mobile application, you can keep track of your event at every phase of its management process. Get all your ticket sales data right in your pocket.

Broadcast the event

It is an athletic event, not a practice. The effort would be in vain if the word didn’t get out. With these integrations, you will be able to market your event across different platforms -

  • Local Partnerships - Target the places where participants and fans have the most probability of meeting. It could be local gyms, cafes, churches, community centers, etc.

  • Social Media - The easiest way to spread the word is through social media. By using popular hyper-targeted social media channels, such as Facebook, you can market your event to your targeted and specific audience. For more on this, see here.

  • Email - With this channel, you would already have an established audience. Use the student information system or email groups to capitalize on this aspect. Moreover, you will also be able to send them all the updates for your current and future school events.


Planning is all it takes to create a successful event. If you ace the planning, then your execution will be easy. Yapsody’s event ticketing software is optimized to empower educators with all of the features to make K12 events a complete success.