Modern Ways To Create And Manage K12 Performing Arts Events

It’s the evening of your school’s big show, the phone rings and you learn that several of your box office workers won’t be able to make it. They were, evidently, seated together on the struggle bus from Coronaville. The show must go on. What are you going to do?

Such a situation is one that your district must always be prepared to address. Any of your workers, actors, and stagehands are vulnerable to last minute cancellations. Patrons alike have come to expect contactless ticket transactions. It’s time for Yapsody to offer your school a ticket to the modern age.

Eticketing means less chaos at the box office

One life skill we learn in school is lining up - a skill we further perfect as adults whether boarding an airplane, going to a concert or visiting a favorite theme park. School box office lines can extend like an endless snake down many hallways blocking concession stands and frustrating attendees who are eager to get to their seat.

With Yapsody, these become struggles of the past. Not only can patrons arrange their tickets in advance rather than at the door, but they may do so without the need to interact with ticketing staff. Instead, ticketing staff can focus on scanning QR codes from patrons’ electronic devices and ushering them to their seats rather than handling money.

Let’s be honest, paper money is gross. Who knows where that bill has been anyway?

Contactless payments ease staffing uncertainty

Any educator (or at least the school nurse) will agree, school’s are petri dishes of disease. Unless your ticketing agent self isolates as a bubble boy for two weeks before the event, the risk of staff sickness is always there. You can either train several students and/or staff for the same roles in the aim that at least a few of them won’t be sick when needed or, in the alternative, minimize the number of roles that need to be filled. Yapsody’s ticketing platform frees your district of this logistical uncertainty… so long as the internet doesn’t call in for a sick day itself.

Patrons may purchase K12 school event tickets through our intuitive desktop or mobile app that we help you personalize for your event. Box office concerns resolved!

Concise planning for catering

Do you have enough popcorn, condiments, plates and other refreshments? Do you need to move the performance into a larger auditorium or plan additional showtimes? Does your school allow families and friends to reserve seats together? Yapsody’s online event ticketing solution has been optimized for school events to allow for the booking of seats in advance with our reserved seating guide. No longer will your concessions and house catering teams be completely without guidance - either throwing away bags of popcorn at the end of the night or not having enough while intermission lines build. And no longer will ticketing staff be tasked with moving seats around to accommodate families and friends who desire to sit together. Our online K12 schools and districts events ticketing solution provides the insights you need for your event to be a complete success.

Tell us in the comments below about the struggles your school faces with box office sales at its events or contact us for a demo today. We look forward to being the solutions partner for your district.