Unlock the full potential of your K12 Fundraiser Event with 7 insightful tips

K12 Fundraiser events are not just about donating funds but also time! Have you ever organized a class fundraiser, but fell short of time?

Nobody has got all the time in the world. Teachers have multiple deadlines to cater to, parents are working and students are busy with classroom commitments, extracurricular activities, and developing their own personal lives.

To get the most of your valuable time, you need an event ticketing software that understands and caters to your K12 fundraiser needs!

You can streamline your event management efforts and increase the revenue generated at a single interface. Transform your school fundraisers from a tedious planning experience into an absolute cakewalk. Let’s look at how our K12 event ticketing software can play a part in the process.

1. Create events within minutes!

We’ve all been there before: your eyes crust over from hours of screen time on Youtube, eHow and endless Google searches looking for blogs to learn some new platform. That learning curve is now out of the picture. We bring a hassle-free event ticketing system for schools right to your browser saving hours of your time. Your optometrist will thank you.

Our event setup wizard is specially designed to assist in creating school events with ease. You can customize your event and gain complete control through our virtual box office. Navigate through your dashboard and manage all your upcoming K12 events while sipping your favorite cup of coffee. Just don’t tell anyone it’s that easy.

2. Fasttrack your cash flow management

According to Define Financial, a school usually receives an average of $5,000 in donations every year. What if you could double this number by receiving funds from all over the world?

Presenters worldwide can now sell K12 event tickets to every corner of the world with our event ticketing platform. We support over 150 currencies, multiple country-specific payment gateways, and both online and offline payment methods. (see more here)

3. Decide who pays the ticketing fee

Yes, you can choose to not bear the ticketing fee at your own expense! Simply customize the ticket fee by selecting the option ‘Pass On.’ The ticketing fee will be added to your attendee’s cost as a surcharge. In this manner, you can avail our services at no extra cost!

4. Go big or go home!

Organize the biggest fundraiser event in the town by enhancing your event visibility. Go beyond just inviting your students, parents, and faculty. Optimize our built-in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools, website integrations, and email marketing services to augment your event successfully.

5. Validate check-ins in a beat

Imagine your school decides to commence a fundraiser for new assistive technology. The fundraiser will have a wide reach throughout your community and beyond. Perhaps tickets are redeemed for prizes at your school’s open house. Our platform will ensure tickets are original and validated. There will not be any “cheating” going on at your event!

A part of our very own app, YapScan, provides integration with various scanning devices. We support both mobile devices and manual scanning. Compliment your attendee experience by scanning high-volume tickets in a snap at all entry points.

6. Turn every event into a fundraiser!

The ‘Accept Donations’ feature available on the online ticket store and the virtual box office allows you to easily accept donations. None of these proceeds will be charged upon and will be directly transferred to your account. Thus, every school event can become a fundraiser by simply using our event ticketing software for all your events. No more GoFundMe!

7. Overcome roadblocks in a flash!

Yapsody has your back throughout your school event ticketing journey. Our quality customer support is available to you 24x7 through live chat, email, or a callback. We have sustained a 95% ticket buyer satisfaction rate for decades. We will ensure that you, your team, and your ticket buyers will face no inconveniences through the entire event process.

Yapsody is all set to grow your school fundraiser event into a complete success! Sign up now and gain access to our features.